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Policymakers are inspired by public-value.  Integrate our analytics expertise to show your stakeholders the greater good you bring.


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Harness the power of analytics to demonstrate public value

We help you arrive at underlying public value evidence that makes your business, regulatory, or legislative proposal to policymakers more compelling. We help you distill the ocean of public and private sector information to find political and economic data supporting the greater good your proposal can bring.  

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We mine the world of Government data from a wide array of public domain sources, organizing this information by geography and industry. This data and our analytical tools and techniques come together, harnessed to enrich client proposals showing their merit and superior public value. We focus on technology, healthcare, infrastructure, urbanization, mobility, safety, and security markets and industries.  We have over 30 years of Government Marketing and Government and Regulatory Affairs experience having conducted thousands of projects in US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.

Gain a competitive advantage in your government advocacy work

Enrich your pitch with data and analytics clearly pointing to the public value and the greater good your proposals bring. By doing so you increase the odds of moving your proposals forward, winning the hearts and minds of policymakers, governments, and communities.

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Government Analytica helps our clients to amplify the public value and the greater good their proposals can bring.

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