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A Pioneering Convergence

Public Affairs + Government Relations + Analytics & AI

Government Analytica is a pioneering convergence of Public Affairs, Government Relations, and Public Value Analytics – a combination not found elsewhere!  We combine customized stakeholder communications with advanced analytics, overlayed with political and cultural context stemming from our government affairs expertise. Our hybrid solutions help our clients shorten the engagement-to-outcome timeline and fast-track impactful public policy.

We serve tireless frontline advocates.  We are sought after in segments like Healthcare, Transportation, Sustainability & AI.


Top 12 Government Megatrends Report (2024)

Durable lasting trends are reshaping our world.  Our annual assessment backed by analytics reveal the plotlines.  We help you make sense of the future, so you can plan for it effectively now.

We Help Businesses, Nonprofits, Associations and the Public Sector

Shape The Discourse with Thought Leadership content rooted in Public Value Insights

Enrich The Narrative by telling your story in Proposals and White Papers proving your points with deep research and analytics

Unlock New Strategic Options with our ELP Triad Activation Playbooks based on our in-depth stakeholder profiles and 5-factor impact analysis (Government, Economy, Environment, Innovation and Society)

"Government WEEK AHEAD" Newsletter

🆕THIS WEEK: Climate Action, Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Sustainability, Trade outlook for the week, every week.

3 Decades of Leadership in Government & Regulatory Affairs

With over 30 years of excellence in Government and Regulatory Affairs, we have overseen and delivered hundreds of projects and campaigns from municipalities to the federal government.

Our experience in Minnesota and 25 other states, at the federal level, and in over 30 countries equips us with exceptional cultural and political literacy to articulate public value effectively, customized to match each stakeholder.

Our expertise in improving stakeholder relations and external outreach has been instrumental in making our clients’ voice influential in sectors like healthcare, mobility / transportation, sustainability and AI.

Expert Analysis – Strategic Guidance – Informed Choices

Through our timely updates and comprehensive research for the public sector, nonprofits, associations, and businesses, we strive to empower you to make thoughtful decisions and guide frontline advocates in today’s rapidly changing political and economic landscape.

“Government Week Ahead” – See What’s Around The Corner!

🆕THIS WEEK: Climate Action, Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Sustainability, Trade

Reports, White Papers and Proposals That Convert

Elevate your voice. Lead the conversation.  Harness the power of data for  comprehensive thought leadership, strategic proposals, authoritative white papers and impactful policy analysis.

Executive Briefs – Levers for Foresight, Strategy and Tactics

Our expertly distilled backgrounders drive success by offering your team and clients diverse strategic options and stakeholder-matched engagement plans.

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Comprehensive Data-Driven Public Policy Services

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Strategic Options

Stakeholder Insights

ELP Triad Playbooks



Policy Proposals & White Papers

Government Analytica’s custom models excel in rapidly analyzing government data, conducting research, and then synthesizing tailored analytics to produce policy proposals and solutions. Our tools enhance our clients capacity to comprehend legislation and summarize complex regulatory content, making them invaluable for legal research, policy development, and white papers and proposals. We increase the bandwidth of frontline leaders in public administration, public policy, government relations, law and related fields. Combined with our team’s boots-on-the-ground political and policy experience, we  produce outstanding products that shorten the engagement-to-outcome timelines.

We shorten the engagement-to-outcome timeline for our clients. We fast-track impactful public policy to bring about a brighter future for our communities.

Complementry “Government Week Ahead” Weekly Newsletter

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🆕THIS WEEK: Climate Action, Supply Chain, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare, Sustainability, Trade outlook for the week, every week.