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Shape The Discourse with Thought Leadership Public Value Insights

Enrich The Narrative with Data-Rich Proposals and White Papers

Unlock New Strategic Options with In-Depth Stakeholder Playbooks


Top 12 Megatrends Report – 2024 Edition

Your definitive guide to the seismic changes shaping governments, economies, and societies local, national and international levels.


Every week, unveiling the latest policies, risks, and opportunities shaping the public sector, nonprofits, association and businesses.

Quantify the Public Value Impact of Your Proposals to Inspire Your Stakeholders

How do we achieve this? By skillfully sifting through the vast sea of both public and private sector data, pinpointing the economic and social narratives that underpin the positive impact your proposals offer.  Let us show you how!

One-Stop Shop:  Public & Government Affairs, Regulatory & Market Expertise

With a remarkable three-decade record of achievement in Government and Regulatory Affairs, we have successfully delivered and managed countless at the municipal, state and federal levels and in over 30 countries.  

Our market expertise is in healthcare; infrastructure; mobility; transportation; tech & artificial intelligence; and ESG/sustainability.

Elevate Your Messages and Proposals with Expert Thought Leadership

Whether you are a public sector, nonprofit, association or business discover how we can amplify your voice.

Unlocking More Effective Stakeholder Engagement

Through our timely updates and comprehensive research for the public sector, nonprofits, associations, and businesses, we strive to empower you to make thoughtful decisions in today’s rapidly changing political and economic landscape.

Your “Week Ahead” Newsletter

Look forward at what is about to happen with the latest government, economic and regulatory actions reshaping your business environment. 

in-Depth Reports, White Papers and Proposals

Amplify your impact with thought leadership content, in-depth reports and policy analysis, and data-rich white papers and proposals.  

Strategic Options with Stakeholder Playbooks

Lead the way by guiding both your leadership, clients or team with alternate strategic options and matching stakeholder playbooks for your projects.

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