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We inspire policymakers to support our client proposals through impact and outcomes analysis by highlighting the core public value, improvements, and benefits these proposals bring to the policymakers, governments, and communities.

A winning campaign begins with preparation

Influencing policy direction on pressing issues takes preparation. Show up at the table with a well-designed government strategy, an effective campaign, and a data-rich proposal that demonstrates the gravity of your position.

Gain momentum in your campaigns

Increase market access and influence policy, regulations, and legislation

Amplify your proposal's public value and the greater good it can bring

There are 3 ways to partner with Government Analytica to bring
expert insights to your team’s advocacy work

1. Political, Industry, and Regulatory Research

2. Advocacy Playbooks & Campaign Design

3. Public Value Analytics for Government Proposals

1. Political, Industry & Regulatory Research

Detailed robust government playbooks, aligned with your organizational goals and desired outcomes.

How we help:

Stakeholder Mapping.

Business Intelligence

Advocacy campaign development.

Effective analytics showcasing the public value of your proposals.

Building your robust government strategy mapping various camps, regulations, and market elements in light of government’s long-term plans, short-term priorities and budgets.

What this means for you:


 For companies, Improve your marketing plans and include how Governments regulate, influence market access, invoke special laws, provisions, incentives, or disincentives all of which will shape the business environment and opportunities or risks ahead.

NonProfits or NGOs

For associations, nonprofits, NGO’s and even organized citizen groups, we support the advocacy function and these organizations’ associated campaigns, a main benefit sought by their membership.

Public Sector

Government institutions themselves must present their case for public value to their constituents by showing they are good stewards of taxes paid delivering the promised public good to the communities they serve.

Don’t chance it with a build-as-you-go government strategy.
Integrate a well-thought out government strategy into your plans and ensure you have a robust playbook at your fingertips

2. Advocacy Playbooks & Campaign Design

Be heard by government as they make decisions and engage in rule making.

We enable our clients to put together an organized, structured, systematic, and data-rich campaign using our data and analytics tools. Use them to home in on public value drivers or elevate existing campaigns with additional public value content and insights.

How it works:

We always begin with your government strategy and desired outcomes.

Next is government research leading to a landscape of possible outcome scenarios and campaign options. Based on choices made here, we help suggest coalitions and alliances, define stakeholders, develop key public value messages, and define communication channels all before you engage with policy makers. 

Once you engage with policy makers, we continuously monitor impact and fine tune your campaign and its public value narratives with you.

There was a time when a government advocacy campaign was seen more as an art than a science. In today’s data-driven world, even an advocacy playbook requires data rich preparation to increase your odds of success. Schedule a conversation to see how we can help.

3. Public Value Analytics for Government Proposals

Evidenced-based policy proposals that capture the attention of policymakers.

Our specialized research uncovers unique data that can be used to make more effective public value arguments in government policy proposals. We go beyond the typical qualitative arguments, anecdotes, general perspectives, and groupthink. Our approach is based on rigorous research findings, data, analytics, and evaluation insights.

In a barrage of asks, policymakers are looking for a fresh perspective in a proposal and new insights that clearly lay out the public value they can rely on and put their political capital behind. We carefully research and show the prevailing dynamics of a topic, an issue, a regulation, or a market. Based on careful gap analysis, we demonstrate the need for your proposal and its public value consequences. We then create a detailed ladder of “calls to action” to clearly demonstrate the public value on-ramp and the greater good that will come from the proposal.

Capture the attention of policymakers, raise your credibility, and get a leg up on the competition with our data-rich government proposals. Schedule a conversation to learn more.

Open more doors and win more campaigns

“The driver of data-analytics in advocacy is storytelling. We help you find the powerful, inspiring, underlying stories beneath the analytics.”

Attribution: Dr. John Pournoor, CEO Government Analytica

John is part analytics craftsman, part public value storyteller.  John’s passion stems from his interest in supporting initiatives that improve people’s lives.  Too often proposals or initiatives flounder as they lack hard data substantiating the public value they usher. Today, Government Analytica systems mine and organize the world of Government data from a wide array of public domain sources.  Then our analytical tools and techniques are applied to this rich pool information to show the superior public value and merit of client proposals.  We are here to help changemakers become stronger public value advocates.

Years of experience in corporate
government affairs

Experience of 1000’s of government campaigns and projects at your fingertips

Countries with projects encompassing many sectors like development, trade, infrastructure, and health care.

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