About Government Analytica

We continuously and rigorously capture and organize the world of government data from a wide variety of public sources. Through our novel proprietary methods, we distill this ocean of government information for client campaigns transforming it into insights and ultimately public-value wisdom. Embedded in our client’s proposals, it inspires policymakers into action.

Our Mission

At Government Analytica®, we give our clients a winning edge in strategy, public policy, advocacy, and business development by using data and analytics to amplify the public-value of their proposals, excite governments, and inspire them into action.

About Us

Government Analytica is a government and regulatory affairs consultancy that uses analytics to demonstrate the public value of government proposals, serving clients in companies, associations, non-profit and NGO’s.

We focus on technology, healthcare, infrastructure, urbanization, mobility, safety, and security markets and industries. From time to time, we also take on projects focused on civic and societal policy changes. We have over 30 years of Government Marketing and Government and Regulatory Affairs experience having conducted thousands of projects in US, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.

Government Analytica offers political analysis (country, state, county, or city), industry or market assessments, regulatory assessments, advanced advocacy-campaign playbooks, and data analytics, all to enrich our client’s proposals and to highlight their public value story. John has the expertise to do so with the passion to help changemakers become stronger public value advocates.

Our focus is to enrich our clients’ pitch with policymakers. We are in a world awash with information but starved for knowledge and especially public-value wisdom. Often organizations reaching out to government influencers and decision makers are challenged as they seek support for their strategy, public policy, advocacy, or business development efforts. Many flounder because they use qualitative reasoning for their asks. They benefit significantly when they enrich their pitch with data and analytics clearly pointing to the public value and the greater good their proposals bring. By doing so they increase the odds of rallying support for their proposals and winning the hearts and minds of policymakers, governments, and communities.

Today, our systems mine the world of Government data from a wide array of public domain sources. We continuously process and organize this information by geography and industry. Our analytical tools and techniques are then applied to this rich pool of information. Data and analytics come together, harnessed to enrich a client proposal, and to show evidence of its merit and superior public value.

We enrich our clients’ pitch in 3 types of interactions: (1) from a company to government (B2G), (2) from associations, nonprofits, NGOs, or multilateral organizations to government (A2G), and (3) by government to the constituents they serve (G2C).  

We combine such fields as political economy, macro and micro-economics, social sciences, public policy, law and justice, national assessments, demographics, etc.

We can teach our clients high impact public-value analytics, or we can undertake the work for them.  Our deliverables empower our clients to create better government strategies, elevate their campaigns, and create more compelling narratives.

We possess business, political, and data fluency in the U.S., European Union, Mercosur, ASEAN, Gulf Cooperation Council and G20 countries including India and China, enabling us to thoughtfully embed our local public-value analysis into client communications and proposals. Our cultural literacy and wisdom come from thousands of projects done over 30 years in the US and in the world’s leading and emerging economies. 

Government Analytica® Public-Value System

GAR GovAn Radar ™ Tracking over 400 global influential multilateral organizations, think tanks, foundations, associations, and NGOs for early insights and trend-spotting
GKB GovAn Knowledgebase ™ Rigorously capturing major world economies’ national, regional, and cities: investment plans, public policies, legislation, and regulations with a focus on population shifts, supply chains, trade, economy, industry and service sectors, healthcare, infrastructure, urbanization, mobility, safety, and security
GWD GovAn World Data ™ Continuously datamining the latest national, regional, and municipal statistics from countries covering ~80% of global GDP ready for use in our analytics
GPV GovAn Public - Value Analytics ™ A compendium of our analytical tools and outcome models customized to showcase the superior public value and positive outcomes of our client proposals to governments, policymakers, and communities

Our Code of Conduct

  1. Honesty and integrity are the foundations of our work.
  2. We speak truthfully and accurately guided by analytical evidence.
  3. We follow all applicable laws, take actions that are ethical, and are aligned with professional practice.
  4. We respect and are vigilant about the need for confidentiality in our work.
  5. We are respectful of rules of engagement for government institutions and multilateral organizations.
  6. We support our clients with our expertise amplifying the public value and greater good their proposals bring.

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