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Government Affairs, Government Relations, and Public Affairs professionals as well as those responsible for strategy need timely information to prepare their organizations and take necessary action in an ever-changing domestic and global political and economic landscape.

Global Political & Economic Week Ahead

Tune in and be ahead of your peers, with this weekly look at what’s about to happen.

Insights Reports & Analysis

Lead optimization of your strategy with a deep dive into the latest impact of government policies, regulations, and spending.

“Hot Topic” Executive Brief

Be the first to advise your leadership with concise Executive Briefs on the hottest current topics.

Global Political & Economic Week Ahead

Look ahead each week at the political and economic calendar to spot domestic and global activities and events that can have a significant influence in shaping the business and government environment.

Tune in and be ahead of your peers with this weekly briefing. See sectors covered here.

Insights Reports & Analysis

Looking for in-depth analysis of current topics of political and economic importance?

These reports offer a deeper dive into issues that all governments are concerned about: from health care and public health, to safety and security (view sectors). Quickly understand and assess the potential, attractiveness, and dynamics of a chosen topic and find best practices. Recommended for companies, associations, nonprofits, NGO’s, and Government leaders. See sectors covered here.

Hot Topic  Executive Brief

Inform yourself and advise your leadership using these concise and timely briefs.

Get a clear and quick understanding of topics that influence our daily lives, emerging key indicators, global news, and events that impact government and industry. See sectors covered here.

The insights you need to inform policy makers and demonstrate the public value of your proposals