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Our sophisticated public-value analysis is combined with our disciplined advocacy process enabling our clients to develop better government strategies, elevate their advocacy campaigns, and create more powerful and compelling government narratives and storylines.

Our insights will help you amplify the public value of your company’s policy proposals to government stakeholders.

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makers and demonstrate the public value of your proposals.

Medical Device & Pharmaceuticals

A health care company proposal demonstrates to have real social and economic impact by combining data about the prevalence of disease and current cost leading to future reductions in cost of care by that proposal.


An energy company proposes investment in modernization of electrical grid. It can be shown to have improved grid reliability and uptime based on regional data. Data analytics can show that industry is attracted to the region due to its more reliable grid to maximize continuity of their operations.

Automotive, Mobility & Transportation

An automotive company teaming with battery manufacturers proposes regulatory changes that enables the creation of more energy efficient electric cars. Data analytics can show that new technology reduces environmental battery risks while increasing the air quality impact of the vehicle.