Government Organizations

Serve and connect with your constituents more effectively for your Government Organization


Amplify the value of your policy decisions to your constituents and communities.

Governments at the city, county, state and federal level seek to help their constituents understand the value of their decisions in building thriving communities. Data-driven communications translates policy into social and economic consequences and how they all impact people, communities, and the environment.

Show your public the return on investment

Thousands of dedicated officials serve and work for towns, cities, counties, state or federal agencies, entrusted by their constituents to lead progress by making wise policy and budget decisions. Show the positive public outcomes of your decisions as a government agency using analytics based on rich local information sources.

Bring the public value of your association
and coalition policy proposals to life.

Urban Planning

A city is developing its 20-year plan to lay a path forward, so through incremental investments, it can meet its infrastructure and growth needs as well as continuing to be attractive to business. Using analytics, the city can use population growth as well as industrial and service business patterns to communicate to its residents what publicly funded city investments can best maintain its quality of life, ecological resilience, economic vitality and carbon neutrality, all key tenants of the city charter.

Public Health

The State Health Commissioner and the State Legislature are eager to develop policies and associated budgets for basic health services in vulnerable communities. They want to show that a modest investment in preventative care saves money as vulnerable communities will not delay seeking care till the 11th hour when it is more costly to treat, and a burden on State funds. Prevalence of disease and cost of care amongst vulnerable communities can be estimated and assessed against investments in preventative care. Its consequences in reducing State’s cost burden can be demonstrated using analytics to show its positive public value and outcomes.

Attracting Business Investments

The State’s Economic Development Authority is interested in attracting companies to relocate to the State. Measured against other states, careful analysis of the following State data demonstrate that key factors make the region a standout in 4 critical ways: the diversity and resilience of the local economy, a dynamic innovation system producing a savvy workforce, a hot bed for startups, and world class infrastructure for incoming supply chains and movement of goods and services outward to customers. Business investments show the public the invaluable work of the Economic Development Authority.