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  • An EU Foreign Affairs Committee delegation will go to Chile for talks with the country’s authorities and civil society groups about strengthening the EU-Latin America strategic partnership. They will also discuss the state of bilateral relations ahead of the ratification of the EU-Chile Agreement. This visit will conclude with a press point. MEPs will then go to Brazil to look into the reviving of EU-Brazil relations as well as the Mercosur agreement, Brazil’s position on the Russian war, and the fight against climate change and deforestation (Monday and Tuesday in Chile, Wednesday to Friday in Brazil).
  • EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council will discuss Electricity Market Design. EU energy ministers will seek a general approach on the EU’s electricity market design reform. The reform is composed of a proposal for a regulation to revise the EU’s electricity market design and a proposal for a regulation to improve protection against market manipulation in the EU wholesale energy market (REMIT). The aim of the reform is to make electricity prices less dependent on volatile fossil fuel prices and shield consumers from price spikes, notably by improving the way the long-term electricity market works. The general approach will serve as a mandate for negotiations with the European Parliament on the final shape of the legislation.


  • Today is United Nations World Refugee Day.
  • Today, the 2023 ECOSOC Meeting on the Transition from Relief to Development will be held in Geneva. This session will provide an overview of the current and future challenges that are affecting communities and countries caught in multi-dimensional crises, including recurrent and protracted crises exacerbated by extreme weather events and climate change, broadcast live on UN Web TV.
  • Today, in Nairobi, an Expert Group Meeting on the Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network, and Implementation of the UN Strategic Plan for Forests 2017-2030 will be organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA). The meeting will continue until 22 June.
  • Virtual Global Policy Dialogue on “Accelerating Clean Water and Energy for All: Exploring SDGs 6 and 7”. The dialogue is organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).
  • EU CO2 emission targets for new heavy-duty vehicles: Ministers will hold a policy debate on a proposal for a regulation on CO2 emission standards for new heavy-duty vehicles. The proposal aims to further reduce CO2 emissions in the road transport sector in line with the EU’s climate objectives by strengthening the emissions reduction targets for 2030 and by setting new targets for 2035 and 2040. In addition, more vehicle categories will be included in the targets, notably buses.
  • EU Air Quality: Ministers will exchange views on a proposal for a directive on air quality. It proposes to set 2030 EU air quality standards that are better aligned with World Health Organization guidelines and to put the EU on a trajectory to achieve zero pollution for air by 2050.
  • European Parliament delegations of the Legal Affairs Committee delegation will travel to Silicon Valley to discuss the latest developments in the tech sector. MEPs will assess the complexity of regulating the sector, particularly EU legislation like the Artificial Intelligence Act, the Artificial Intelligence Liability Directive and the EU Chips Act. MEPs will meet representatives from key companies, including OpenAI, META, and Google, as well as academics from Berkeley and Stanford universities (Tuesday to Saturday).
  • The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2023 will take place in Brussels and online on 20-22 June 2023. It will include a policy conference with 7 plenary and 60 policy sessions covering topics related to skills, energy efficiency, affordability and inclusion, renewables, and decarbonization; the prestigious EUSEW Awards; the Energy Fair with more than 35 stands; and the fourth edition of the European Youth Energy Day.
  • Indian President Narendra Modi visits the U.S. This will be the first visit by an Indian prime minister to the US since 2009.
  • House Oversight and Accountability Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Energy Policy, and Regulatory Affairs, Hearing: “Clearing the Air: Examining the Environmental Protection Agency’s Proposed Emissions Standards”, Meeting Details
  • House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions, Hearing: “Competition and Transparency: The Pathway Forward for a Stronger Health Care Market”, Meeting Details


  • Virtual Global Policy Dialogue on “Innovations for Sustainable Cities and Communities: Exploring SDGs 9 and 11”. The session is organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).
  • Summit for a New Global Financial Pact, France will host the summit, with the goal of building a contract between the countries of the North and the South to address relieving debt distress and the global response to climate change.
  • House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Hearing: Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Innovation Towards the National Interest, Meeting Details


  • A slow day in politics


  1. Elections: Sierra Leonean Presidency, Sierra Leonean Parliament, Guatemalan Congress of the Republic, Hellenic Parliament, Guatemalan Presidency.
  2. ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly: MEPs and their counterparts from the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) will meet in Brussels for the 43rd session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.


The Semiannual monetary policy report to the House Financial Services Committee will be delivered on June 21. After European Central Bank raised rates, the Bank of England is expected to follow. Turkey is expected to significantly increase policy rates. Interest rates will be announced for Brazil (currently at 13.75%), Chile (currently at 11.25%), Czech Republic (currently at 7.0%), Egypt (currently at 18.25%), Hungary (currently at 13.0%), Indonesia (currently at 5.75%), Philippines (currently at 6.25%) and Turkey (currently at 8.5%). The flash PMI surveys covering US, UK, Eurozone, Japan and Australia will offer a first look into economic conditions across major developed economies in June. The upcoming releases will be especially closely watched ahead of the mid-year market assessment. The U.S. lacks enough workers to fill open jobs. In Europe, workers have left the private sector for the public sector. Tight labor markets could squeeze corporate profit margins or force companies to trim workforces to maintain profits.

Earnings Reports This Week: Sigma Lithium Corp. (SGML), FedEx Corporation (FDX), Freedom Holding Corp. (FRHC), and La-Z-Boy Inc. (LZB), Accenture (ACN), Darden Restaurants Inc. (DRI), FactSet Research Systems Inc. (FDS), Commercial Metals Company (CMC), BlackBerry Ltd. (BB), GMS Inc. (GMS), KB Home (KBH) Winnebago Industries Inc. (WGO), CarMax Inc. (KMX)


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