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China’s 14 National People’s Congress meets in its first session this week.

Political groups will prepare for the 13-16 March session, where Members of European Parliament will debate and vote on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive to increase the rate of renovations and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions – and – on “Fit for 55” laws laying down stricter rules for member states’ greenhouse gas emissions and improving natural carbon sinks to make the EU the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The European Parliament’s Swedish Presidency will host a high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance (AMR), with focus on the EU’s contribution to work at global level to curb AMR, and on sustainable access to existing and new antibiotics to enable effective treatment of infections. The high-level meeting will bring together ministers, state secretaries and directors-general, including heads of European health authorities and high-level participants from international organizations.

The International Labor Organization (ILO) is expected to release its Statistical brief on job gap and labor income share by gender.  

In Doha, Qatar, Opening Plenary of the Fifth United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries (LDC5). The conference will take place from 5 – 9 March.   


A slow day in politics.


Today is the International Women’s Day.  

The European Parliament’s Swedish Presidency will review the new EU Global Health Strategy which was presented at the end of 2022. In light of this, the ministers – together with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – are expected to have a discussion on global health efforts from a development perspective during the first evening’s dinner. Also the ministers are due to have a forward-looking discussion on the role of multilateral development banks in relation to global challenges and vulnerabilities, such as climate change, pandemics


President Biden will outline his 2024 budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year to Congress on Thursday.

The EU trade ministers are expected to have a forward-looking discussion on how EU trade relations can help strengthen the EU’s competitiveness and make supply chains resilient. Following a status update from the European Commission on work in the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC), the ministers are expected to discuss current issues regarding EU-US trade relations. The fourth TTC meeting is planned to be held in late spring 2023.

Today, the World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to launch its Global report on sodium intake reduction.

Also today, the International Labor Organization (ILO) is expected to launch its Employment Policy Action Facility.


European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will meet with President Biden. High on the agenda is a discussion of U.S. Inflation Reduction Act especially a focus on transatlantic mismatches in green industrial policy and tech industry cooperation.


A slow weekend in politics.

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Federal Reserve semi-annual monetary policy report to the House Financial Services Committee will be delivered on Wednesday. This week China’s National People’s Congress will convene and focus on growth. It will likely unveil new policymakers who will direct the economy for the next several years. A slew of China data is also due from Consumer Price Index, Producer Price Index, trade data, foreign currency reserves and money supply. Interest rate from Malaysia (currently at 2.75%), Peru (currently at 7.75%) and Poland (currently at 6.75%). Inflation data from Brazil, Chile, Czech, Ecuador, Hungary, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand and South Africa is expected. India will release its industrial production index.

Earnings Reports This Week: Sea Limited (SEA), CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD), Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS), Casey’s General Stores (CASY), Thor Industries (THO), and Manchester United Ltd. (MANU), Petrobras (PBR), Woodside Energy Group (WDS), Prudential Public Limited Co. (PUK), Brown Forman Corp. (BF.A), KE Holdings Inc. (BEKE), and Campbell Soup Company (CPB), Oracle Corporation (ORCL), (JD), Wheaton Precious Metals Corp. (WPM), DocuSign (DOCU), The Toro Company (TTC), BJ’s Wholesale Club (BJ), Vail Resorts Inc. (MTN), The Gap Inc. (GPS), and National Beverage Corp. (FIZZ), Embraer S.A. (ERJ)

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An independent Review of the UK’s Research, Development and Innovation ordered by UK Government’s Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has been completed and recommendations are published. The report states that “UK RDI is in danger due to underinvestment in the sector by successive Governments, which has undermined the resilience of the RDI endeavor as a whole,” lagging behind many OECD countries as a percentage of GDP.

Gibson Dunn has published a report on U.S. government enforcement of anticorruption laws (FPCA).

London School of Economics and Political Science published a report on Balancing Innovation, Access and Affordability: A Primer on Pharmaceutical Policy and Economics.

Johnson & Johnson has published its position on Universal Health Coverage.

British Medical Journal has published a study of cumulative U.S. investments to develop COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

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